Sun City Pickleball Club News
Feb/Mar 2021

Toys for Tots Event – Now May 15 & 16

We have re-scheduled the Club T4T event for Sat and Sun May 15 & 16.  Everyone who signed up for the event is still on the schedule.  If you now can’t attend, contact Augie to cancel your registration.  We are still accepting registrations if you would like to attend.  Signup and give your $25 check (made payable to Toys for Tots) to Augie by May 1.  We’ll be playing Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Men’s Doubles in a round robin format.  You’ll be assigned your partner that weekend. This is intended to be a fun, recreational event to raise funds for Toys for Tots. There will be door prizes!
Event Director, Augie Costanzo (702) 375-4533;

Court Etiquette during Club Recreational Play
We are now enjoying full courts and active play during Club Play Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. Let’s be reminded of the court etiquette and rules:

  • Club Recreational Play time is intended for all levels of players to join in games.

  • Players place their paddles in the holder and the first four players set up a game.

  • After the game is played, the winning team stays, and the losing team vacates the court.

  • Two players next in line with paddles in the holder, go to that court.

  • The winning team splits up, mixing up the teams, and game play begins.

  • As we often have more than 40 players using 10 courts, if a player has stayed on the court playing 3 games in a row, it’s time to exit the courts and put your paddle back in the queue.

  • Decide at the start of the game if teams will switch sides after reaching 6 points.

  • After game play, please put balls back in the sleeve holders.

  • When players need to go to the back courts, please wait until a pause in that game, excuse yourselves and move quickly to the back courts.  Close the gate behind you.

  • When a ball comes onto your court, stop play and return the ball to the other court.

Checking in and Signing in to Play Pickleball
It was asked, “why do we have to sign-in or check-in with the Fitness monitor to play Pickleball?  To use any Association outdoor or indoor amenity, a resident must sign-in with their Association membership card.  During Club Play, we are able to use a sign-in roster that we turn in to the Association.  We ask that the last player at Club Play, lock the courts and take that morning’s sign-in sheet to the Fitness Monitor.  At other times during the day, when you set up matches, you must check-in at the Fitness Monitor.  You can take all the cards for your group to the Fitness Monitor and check-in for your foursome.

Opportunities for Beginning Pickleball Players
Are you new to Pickleball or coming back from an injury, or perhaps you’re a tennis or racquetball player now learning the game of Pickleball?  Welcome to the wonderful game of Pickleball and to the Club.

Kathy Porter is organizing a time for new players to play games together.  Come and join these games on Saturdays at 11:00 am.  This is a self-organized activity – players can keep it going as they choose.  Remember to check-in at the Fitness Monitor before coming to the courts.

We are going to designate a court as a Beginner court during Club Play.  Starting Tuesday, Feb 16, Court #3 will be for Beginner play.  Join in a game by placing your paddle along the fence near this court. We invite more experienced players to also play on this court in a supportive, instructive role.
Patti Chess, a fellow pickleball player at the Durango courts and board member of Southern Nevada Pickleball Club, is offering instruction/clinics on Thursdays at 8:00 am at the Durango courts (located at the YMCA at 3521 N. Durango Dr).  She is inviting Sun City Pickleball Club members to participate.  There is no charge.    To arrange to attend a clinic, contact Patti at: (702) 277-7231 or

First Aid
Just so you are aware, we keep a First Aid kit in the grey bench on Court 1.  It is mostly supplied with cold packs, Band-aids, wipes, gauze, and tape. The most important rule is to “Play”.
Safely”; however, accidents happen.

Court Maintenance and Repair
In December, we submitted a “maintenance wish list” to the Association.  Augie Costanzo, John Carroll, and Suzanne Esber met with Fitness Director Pam Shields to go over these needs.  We hope the smaller items can get on the staff’s maintenance schedule and the larger items be given consideration under future Association budgets.  Let’s thank John Carroll who often does repair work on the courts including fixing the dragging gate and installing the paddle holder.  Here’s the wish list:

  • Reset eyebolts holding down nets on Courts 1, 2 and 4.  The bolts and holes are now stripped and no longer can be screwed in.

  • Fix the gates at Court 1 & 2.  The gates hang low now and drag on the court when opening or closing. Top of gate is wearing out.

  • Replace net on Court 5.  The net is now torn at the top and will eventually disintegrate.

  • Replace and repair the wind guards on Courts 1 and 9 fences.  The wind guards along Court 9 were damaged and had to be removed; they were never replaced.  The wind guards along Court 1 are starting to tear.

  • Extend the sun cover over the seating area (between the courts) so completely covers the area.  The current sun cover is over only 2/3 of the seating area now.

  • Install a small windsock on top of fence of Court 1 so can be seen on all 10 courts.  Players like to know the direction of wind so can determine strategy of play.

  • Repair/replace the divider net between Courts 7/9 and 10/8

  • Repair/replace the back fencing section between Courts 6 and 8.

  • Repair/replace ties on side of net on Court 9.  Currently temporarily held with rope.

  • Install new Court number signs.  Current ones are wooden and now paint is worn off.

  • Repair the cracks on Courts 1 and 2

  • OR resurface Courts 1 and 2.  These courts are starting to deteriorate. There are cracks and bumps on Court 1 and 2 and a dead spot on Court 2.

Another recent suggestion is to install a back board on Court 2.  Let us know if you see anything else that needs attention.  We hope to keep our Pickleball courts well-maintained.

Ball Machine
More and more members are using the Club’s Ball Machine and we’re glad you are.  We are considering putting together an instruction sheet or video, so you have information on how to set it up and store it.  In the meantime, talk to Augie COSTANZO or John Carroll to get coached on how to use the Ball Machine.
We purchase the pickleballs that we use on the courts using Onix Fuse G2 Outdoor Pickleballs and will refresh the balls every few months as they become worn and dirty.  The Onix Fuse Pickleball is now three times as durable as the original Fuse. This ball strikes a balance between a softer feel with just enough hardiness to meet USAPA guidelines so that they can be used in official tournament play. They respond consistently and are made with superior seam welding so they resist splitting and can be used over the course of many games.  If you have any other suggestions for court balls, please let Suzanne know.

If any club member purchases pickleball products from, you receive a 5% discount.  Use the discount code: CRSCS when checking out.

Veterans Pickleball program
Club member Earl Stitt is a board member of the Southern Nevada Pickleball Club (SNPC) and involved with the Veterans program.  Some of our club members have volunteered with this program as well.  Military Adaptive Court Sports (MACS) is now partnering with SNPC to introduce disabled veterans and service members to pickleball.  Earl Stitt, retired U.S. Air Force Reserves Command Pilot, will be the key contact for this Las Vegas program which will include introductory clinics, ongoing play, and community integration for military and their families starting in April.  Talk to Earl to learn more about the program and to get involved assisting with the clinics.  Earl Stitt 702-278-5103;


provided by. Suzanne Esber